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S&B mining company offers high level of service in the underground mining industry to a world wide client base. Using adaptive mining techniques and standards as well as providing an internationally experienced team to provide development and ore mining in a safe, effective and productive environment.

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Services include our continuous provision for innovative and superior service for clients. With extensive expertise we aim to help our clients achieve safe and productive goals. We adjust our service to meet with clients expectations but remain dedicated to fulfil our clients engineering, safety and productive requirements.

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About Us Team

About Us

S&B is a South-African based company that specializes in consulting specific to the mining industry. The team includes a wide range of professional mining engineers, geologists and surveyors, that are capable of working on a wide variety of projects.

The company regards the Health and safety of their employees safety as one of their top priorities while also respecting the environment in which we work as well as respecting the customs and beliefs of the companies and countries we work with.


Project: Galane Gold

Galane Gold is situated in the Republic of Botswana, the operation was previously only an open pit operation, and their Tau pit had reached its maximum depth and required an underground operation to continue extracting into ore-rich zones.

S&B mining was contracted as the leading project group in the construction of Galane Golds first underground spiral decline with the portal entrance situated at the bottom of the Tau pit.

The new portal was completed on June 2015 within budget.

  • Develop a low cost trackless underground mine.
  • Obtain access to ore within 3 months.
  • Allow exploration to continue while developing.
  • Minimal cost with maximum gain.
  • Maintain a high safety record with zero incidents during the portal development.
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S&B currently consults and guides day-to-day mining operation to improve on mining production while practising safe work procedures for overall company benefit as well as continuing the development on the underground operation into ore-rich zones.

If you would like to learn more about our work on this project please click on this link to open a pdf presentation:

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By April 2015 the GHH facemaster arrived on site , together with the additional underground loaders and dump trucks we have managed to maintain a fully serviced mine at areate of 250m per month and planned 15000 tonness of stoping per month.

This project is originally a 5 year project however the success of this project has now brought additional resources into play therefore extending the underground mining project for another 3 years min.

Project: Galaxy Gold

Galaxy Gold mine housed in the rolling hills of Barberton in South Africa is one of the oldest historically active gold mines.

S&B mining has been awarded the underground mining contract.

The responsibilities of the contract involve:

  • Redevelop the Galaxy, Woodbine and Giles orebodies.
  • Starting development on 17 level
  • Generating stope faces for production
  • Re-quiping equipment and shaft structure to gain access to 28 level.
  • Planning phase for Princeton mine to go 100% mechanized mining
  • To withold high safety and environment standards in the working environment

Project Goals:

  • Achieve 7000tonnes stope tonnes per month
  • 120 meters per month development

Current planning and engineering to gain access and begin production on the 28 level Galaxy orebody for future development down to 30 level. Target ore tonnes at 40 000 tonnes per month with a development plan of 250 meters per month. This will be a hybrid mining method. Decline from 22 level to 26 level is included in the development.


Project: Barbrook

S&B mining was awarded the Barbrook underground mining contract in October 2016.

The responsibilities of the contract involve:

  • To continue with the current mining operations.
  • To develop the mines main decline to 14 level by end of 2016.
  • Current mining plan at 11 000 tonnes per month deliver to plant.
  • Development rate at 180 meters per month.
  • Current mining method is hand held machinery, plan to convert to hybrid mining and install decline for ore removal.
  • S&B has supplied a drill rig and LHD's to convert the decline mining to mechanized / trackless mining method.
  • Future plan is to get Barbrook mine to 25 000 tonnes per month.
  • To withold high safety and environment standards in the working environment

Project goals:

  • Achieve 25 000 tonnes tonnes per month
  • 180 meters per month development
  • Decline development for ore delivery and mechanized mining implementation
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Services we offer

S&B mining consultants works with its client to achieve their production targets and maintain high safety and environmental records. Our team consists of specialists in underground and open pit mining.


  • Mine planning
  • Survey
  • Geology
  • Mining Engineering and machinery maintenance
  • Procurement and consumable control.
  • Mining development and production
  • Narrow reef mining to sub level open stope
  • Ventilation survey
  • Waste dump management

If you would like to learn more about us please visit the Contact page and send through your questions, alternatively you can look at the projects page and learn about our latest project.


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